Move beyond crisis-driven competitive enablement into something more strategic

Sellers with poor information about competitors are stuck being reactive, defensively positioning their products as new competitors, products and services appear, seemingly out of nowhere. Cultivating a comprehensive source of competitive intelligence on existing competitors, as well as any new market segments and industries, gives your sellers time to be more strategic and successful in their responses. 

Watch this webinar to learn how you can enable better discussions between Sales teams and clients, due to a stronger understanding of the client’s needs, challenges and issues.  We will cover: 

  • Best practices used to detect potential buyer needs and weaknesses
  • How to tap 'insider' sources of competitive intelligence and layer in insights from the Kompyte KAI bot.
  • How to curate intel into bite-sized chunks of intel as well as more in depth set of 'silver bullets' that give your sellers the positioning statements they need to demonstrate expertise in context.
  • Delivering intel and driving adoption.
  • Understand how your intel is being used, to what effect, and how it needs to evolve.

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