Moving Beyond Metrics: Being Truly Data-Driven

On-Demand Webinar

People often say that marketing is a mix of science and art. These days you can measure just about every detail of every activity or campaign, but is that enough?

Now is the time to reevaluate what it means to be data-driven in today's increasingly digital and competitive world. For content, event, digital, and product marketers, it needs to be about more than just collecting as much data as possible. Disparate data sets only make it more complicated—having data, a 360-degree view, and an action plan will be a deciding factor in success.



Watch this webinar on-demand to learn:
  • What marketing KPIs to measure and why
  • Common pitfalls with product marketing metrics
  • How to align sales, sales enablement, and marketing
  • Why implementing competitive intelligence impacts goals

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